The 50 Creative Ways to Replace “Conclusion”

50 creative ways to replace conclusion

The conclusion of your article is like the final scene of a movie. You need a memorable ending that leaves readers satisfied, not yawning for the credits. So why reach for that predictable C-word when you could make your finale shine?

We’ve all seen lacklustre conclusions that belabour the obvious or feel disconnected from the story. I once read an engaging personal essay about losing a parent that ended with a robotic “In summary, losing a loved one is difficult.” Um, thanks, Captain Obvious, any other profound insights?

The 50 Conclusion Alternatives to Inspire your Inner Scorsese:

Your conclusion deserves better than autopilot rehashing or generic statements. The ending should feel like the perfect bookend to your story and leave a lasting impression. Let’s make like top Hollywood directors and give your article finale the treatment it deserves!

Conclusion alternatives to inspire your inner scorsese

The Poetic Farewells

  1. Last Words – Send off readers with a poetic flourish
  2. Farewell for Now – A friendly but temporary goodbye
  3. The Final Bow – Take one final curtain call

The Storytelling Endings

  1. The Final Chapter – Your reader’s journey may end, but the story lives on
  2. Denouement – Don’t just wrap up, tie all remaining loose ends
  3. Roll Credits – The musical score swells as your story reaches its satisfying stop

The Clever Cliffhangers

  1. To Be Continued – Hook readers for your next instalment
  2. On the Next Episode – End with a teaser that hints at future stories
  3. Freeze Frame – Stop at a pivotal moment ripe for a sequel

The Scholarly Summaries

  1. Key Insights – For distilling broad concepts into concise discoveries
  2. Final Analysis – Show you’ve examined your topic from all angles
  3. Cliff Notes – Recap major ideas for when attention spans are short
The retrospective ending - alternatives to conclusion

The Retrospective Endings

  1. Where We’ve Been – Highlight key moments from start to finish
  2. Memories – End with a nostalgic look back over the main events
  3. Come Full Circle – Mirror your introduction to reflect on the journey

The Looking Ahead Finales

  1. The Road Ahead – Shift focus toward future possibilities
  2. What’s Next – Leave readers inspired about what’s to come
  3. Postscript – Return after the story’s conclusion with new insights

The Unique Sign-Offs

  1. That’s All, Folks – Insert your own animated Porky Pig-style send-off
  2. Sincerely – Sign off as you would a friendly letter
  3. Yours Truly – A classy and cordial writer’s farewell
  4. Until We Meet Again – Writing for an audience of loyal fans
  5. Over and Out – Casual but clear, the message has been delivered

The Reviewing Recaps

  1. Recapping the Highlights – Refresh the key moments
  2. Reviewing the Record – Check your facts one final time
  3. Cliff Notes Version – Boil down key takeaways as a favour to readers
The impactful endings better than conclusion

The Impactful Endings

  1. Parting Wisdom – End with insightful words to live by
  2. Food for Thought – Give readers something to chew on
  3. Mic Drop – End so boldly you can imagine dropping the mic
  4. Call to Action – Rally readers to apply what they learned

The Literary Endings

  1. Final Stanza – Your last poetic lines
  2. Chapter’s End – Close your chapter of the story
  3. Epilogue – Return briefly like in a novel’s epilogue

The Creative Metaphors

  1. Tying the Bow – Wrap up loose ends like a gift
  2. Sunset – End poetically like a sunset over the themes
  3. Curtain Falls – Lower the curtain after a performance well done

The Inventive Allusions

  1. Swan Song – A metaphorical last hurrah
  2. Graduation Day – Mark an achievement like graduates turning their tassels
  3. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey’s iconic last song reminds us of the power of great endings

The Plot Twist Surprises

  1. Psyche! – Use a Shyamalan-esque plot twist no one saw coming
  2. Just Kidding – Reveal your entire article was one long set-up for a joke
  3. Or Is It? – Throw doubt on your own conclusion with an ambiguous cliffhanger
The heartfelt goodbyes - conclusion alternatives in writing

The Heartfelt Goodbyes

  1. It’s Been a Gift – Thank readers sincerely for sharing the journey
  2. Until We Meet Again – A warm but temporary farewell
  3. Live Long and Prosper – Borrow Spock’s iconic benediction

The Clever Codas

  1. Post-Credits Scene – Add a fun extra tidbit like Marvel movies do
  2. Exit Music – Cue the closing music like a Broadway finale
  3. Roll the Outtakes Reel – End with funny bloopers and outtakes
  4. Special Thanks – Give shoutouts like award shows do
  5. The End? – Tease that your story might not be over after all

Don’t let your conclusion get lost in a sea of bland summaries. Close your story with a creative phrase that encapsulates your message. Give your readers a satisfying finale that makes your article the must-read equivalent of a box office hit!

Win Hearts and Minds: A Strategic Approach to Concluding Your Message

Whether you’re writing a research paper, delivering a presentation, or pitching a proposal, how you choose to conclude can make or break your effectiveness. A strong finish can inspire action, sway decisions, and lead to real change.

Follow these strategic steps for foolproof conclusions guaranteed to stick the landing:

1. Summarize Key Points

Briefly encapsulate your main ideas, evidence, and desired actions. Avoid excessive repetition. Instead, spotlight only the most crucial points readers should recall.

**2. Transition to the Conclusion **

Use transition phrases like “in conclusion,” “to summarize,” or “the key takeaway is” to signal the final section is beginning.

3. Drive Home Your Purpose

Remind readers of your core objective and call-to-action. What do you want them to think, feel, or do after reading/hearing your message?

4. End with Impact

Choose a memorable final sentence that hammers home your purpose. Ending with a compelling quote, question, or thought-provoking statement makes your conclusion resonate.

5. Extend Goodwill

Express gratitude, encourage feedback, or convey excitement about future opportunities to engage your audience. This grace note fosters goodwill long after your conclusion.

Strategic conclusions by context

Strategic Conclusions By Context

We’ve categorised some endings according to use cases below, so you can explore the different styles and see some examples in action. Use these as a guiding light to find your path to Conclusion-free Nirvana:

Research Papers

  • Restate the thesis to bookend your analysis
  • Note remaining gaps in research to point to future work
  • Close with a call for new policies or practices based on findings


This paper has demonstrated through statistical analysis that parent involvement has a significant positive influence on elementary school student academic achievement (restate thesis). The research clearly indicates that when parents engage in their child’s education by volunteering at school, checking homework, and communicating with teachers, grades and test scores improve across subject areas.

While this study focused on parental involvement broadly, further research is needed to determine which specific types of involvement are most impactful. Additionally, more work should explore how schools can encourage greater participation from parents (gaps for future research).

Nonetheless, the current research provides convincing evidence that increased parent involvement benefits student achievement. To capitalize on this linkage, schools should develop new initiatives to welcome parents into the classroom and make it easier for families to participate. With such policies in place, both parents and schools can work together to boost educational outcomes (call for new policies/practices).


  • Open the floor for final Q&A
  • Share contact information for follow-ups
  • Thank the audience for their time and attention

Presentation Example

To summarize, we’ve covered the key findings from our recent market research study, which found strong consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. I’m now happy to open the floor for any final questions you may have (Q&A invitation).

Please feel free to follow up with me directly if you think of additional questions later. My email is (contact information).

Thank you all for your time and attention today. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this important research that will help shape our company’s future packaging strategies (thanks and appreciation).

I look forward to continuing our great collaboration as we work to implement more sustainable solutions.


  • Paint an inspiring vision of the future if approved
  • Close with a call-to-action for next steps
  • Express eagerness for opportunities to elaborate further

Proposal Example

In closing, I hope I have painted an inspiring vision of how our community could be transformed with a new city arts centre (inspiring vision). This project would enrich lives through expanded public programming, provide a home for local artists, and attract visitors to stimulate our economy. Approving this proposal would be an investment in the vibrancy and future of our town.

I welcome the opportunity to elaborate on any aspect of this proposal as you evaluate the project further (express eagerness). Next steps will be finalizing the architectural plans, continuing our capital fundraising campaign, and securing the construction permits necessary to break ground (call to action).

Just imagine the pride our residents will feel having access to such a valued community asset. I am eager to work together to make this arts centre a reality. Thank you for your consideration.

50 creative ways to replace conclusion
50 Creative Ways to Replace Conclusion In Your Writing


  • Redirect back to your core argument with passion
  • Reiterate the desired change in the reader’s perspective
  • End with a rallying cry to mobilize action on the issue

Editorial Example

In closing, let me re-emphasize that climate change is the defining crisis of our generation (redirect to the core argument). The scientific consensus is clear that without swift action to reduce emissions, we face catastrophic environmental breakdown.

My hope is that the facts and impacts highlighted in this editorial will shift more readers from denial and apathy to action (desired change in perspective). There is still time to avoid the worst effects of climate change, but only if we act now with urgency.

This is a clarion call for all who care about the fate of our planet and humankind. Contact your elected officials today. Speak up in your communities. Commit to making changes big and small in your own life. We all have a role to play to save our shared future (rallying cry for action). Our children and grandchildren are counting on it. The time is now!

Marketing Content

  • Recap key features and benefits
  • Provide clear call-to-action to convert leads
  • Include contact info for seamless follow-up

Marketing Example

In summary, ABC Company’s new Acme Software offers powerful features to streamline your workflow, including automated reporting, customizable dashboards, and real-time data integrations (recap features). These capabilities add up to time savings, improved analytics, and better decision-making for your business (recap benefits).

We hope you’ll take the next step and request a custom demo to see Acme in action (call to action). Get in touch with our sales team at or 01234 567 890 to schedule a hassle-free online demo at a time that fits your schedule (contact info).

ABC Company is dedicated to becoming an integral technology partner for enterprises like yours. Please reach out so we can start a conversation about how Acme Software can meet your specific business needs. We look forward to working together!

Regardless of context, structure your conclusion strategically for maximum impact. Follow these steps, tailor to your purpose, and send your readers off ready to take action and transform your ideas into reality. A great ending can be the difference between information forgotten and real change achieved.

The end is here

The End, it is Here.

Whether your goal is to entertain readers or spur them to action, the conclusion is your last chance to drive home your message and leave a lasting impact. Avoid phoning it in with a generic “Conclusion” header and bland summary.

Get creative with your titles to match the tone of your piece. End on a high note that encapsulates your central themes or core purpose. Strategically summarize key points and include a call to action when appropriate.

Follow the examples and templates provided to craft strong closings tailored to your audience and goals. With the right conclusion, your writing will stick the landing and achieve the understanding, inspiration or change you desire. Send your readers off ready to take the next step on the journey you’ve guided them through, one that doesn’t have to end just because your article does.