SEO Writer? 34 Keywords to Target for Search Ranking

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If you’re an SEO writer looking to make a mark in the competitive world of digital marketing, you know that ranking high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is crucial. But what keywords should you be targeting to ensure that potential clients find you when they’re in need of top-notch SEO writing services?

Understanding the right keywords to focus on can be the difference between a thriving business and one that’s struggling to get noticed.

In this essential guide, we will delve into a curated list of keywords that your potential clients will likely use to search. Each keyword is followed by a detailed paragraph explaining its significance and offering tips on how to write content around it.

By incorporating these keywords into your articles, blog posts, or website content, you’ll be better positioned to attract clients actively seeking your expertise.

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In this SEO Writer's Guide

Understanding the keywords that potential clients use can help you tailor your own SEO strategy, website content, and advertising campaigns to better reach your target audience.

In this article we’ll explore the following SEO writer keywords to help you write better, more targeted content that’s helpful to people searching for your services.

General Keywords:

  1. SEO writing services
  2. SEO content writing
  3. SEO copywriting services
  4. SEO article writing
  5. SEO blog writing services
  6. Professional SEO writers
  7. SEO content creation
  8. SEO web content services
  9. Content marketing services
  10. SEO-friendly content writing

Industry-Specific Keywords:

  1. Tech SEO writing services
  2. Healthcare SEO content writing
  3. Real estate SEO copywriting
  4. E-commerce SEO writing
  5. Legal SEO content services

Location-Based Keywords:

  1. SEO writing services near me
  2. Local SEO writing services
  3. [City name] SEO writing services
  4. [Country name] SEO content writing

Service-Specific Keywords:

  1. On-page SEO writing
  2. Off-page SEO content creation
  3. Keyword research services
  4. SEO meta description writing
  5. Landing page SEO writing

Long-Tail Keywords:

  1. Affordable SEO writing services
  2. High-quality SEO blog writing
  3. SEO content writing packages
  4. Best SEO writing services for small businesses
  5. SEO writing services for [specific industry]

Other Variations:

  1. Organic SEO writing
  2. White-hat SEO content services
  3. SEO content strategy services
  4. SEO press release writing
  5. SEO product description writing
Seo writer guide keywords explored

SEO Writer’s Guide: Keywords In-Depth

Creating SEO-optimised content under each of these headings can be a great way to attract potential clients who are using these keywords to search for services. Here’s how you might structure the content:

SEO Writing Services

When it comes to elevating your online presence, SEO writing services are indispensable. These services focus on creating content that not only engages your audience but also ranks well on search engines. By incorporating targeted keywords, proper headings, and quality links, SEO writing services can significantly improve your site’s visibility and drive more organic traffic.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing goes beyond just inserting keywords into a text; it’s about providing valuable information that your audience seeks, in a way that search engines love. This involves a deep understanding of your target audience, thorough keyword research, and crafting content that solves a problem or answers a question, all while following SEO best practices.

SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting services specialise in creating compelling, high-quality content that persuades the reader to take some form of action. Whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form, effective SEO copywriting guides the user through a journey, all while ensuring the content is optimised for search engines.

SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing involves crafting well-researched, in-depth articles that aim to provide valuable insights or solutions to the reader. These articles are optimised for specific keywords and are designed to rank well in search engines, thereby driving long-term organic traffic to your website.

SEO Blog Writing Services

Blogs are an excellent platform for SEO writing, offering a natural way to incorporate keywords, provide value, and engage your audience. SEO blog writing services focus on creating informative, entertaining, and relevant posts that not only attract immediate attention but also have long-lasting SEO benefits.

Professional SEO Writers

Professional SEO writers are experts in both writing and search engine optimization. They have the skills to craft content that resonates with your audience and adheres to SEO guidelines. By hiring a professional, you ensure that your content is not just well-written but also optimised for the best search engine results.

SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation is a holistic approach that involves more than just writing. It includes keyword research, understanding user intent, creating content calendars, and optimising existing content. The goal is to create a variety of content types—articles, blogs, videos, infographics—that work in harmony to improve your overall SEO strategy.

SEO Web Content Services

SEO web content services focus on optimising all textual elements on your website, from product descriptions and landing pages to blog posts and FAQs. The aim is to create content that not only serves the user’s needs but also complies with search engine guidelines, ensuring higher rankings and better visibility.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Content marketing services focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract a clearly defined audience. By aligning this content with SEO strategies, businesses can attract, engage, and convert their audience more effectively.

SEO-friendly Content Writing

SEO-friendly content writing involves crafting content in a way that both search engines and users find valuable. This means using keywords naturally, incorporating meta tags, creating quality inbound and outbound links, and providing genuine value to readers. The end goal is to create content that ranks high and meets the user’s search intent.

Tech SEO Writing Services

Tech SEO writing services are specialised in creating content that caters to the technology sector. This involves understanding complex topics like software development, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence, and translating them into easily digestible content. The aim is to rank well in search engines while providing valuable insights to a tech-savvy audience.

Healthcare SEO Content Writing

Healthcare SEO content writing focuses on creating authoritative and trustworthy content in the medical field. This could range from articles on medical procedures to blog posts about wellness tips. The key is to use medically accurate information that is optimised for search engines, ensuring that the content ranks well and reaches the intended audience.

Real Estate SEO Copywriting

Real estate SEO copywriting involves crafting compelling listings, articles, and blog posts that not only attract potential buyers and sellers but also rank well in search engine results. By using targeted keywords and providing valuable market insights, this specialised form of SEO writing aims to drive more qualified leads to real estate websites.

E-commerce SEO Writing

E-commerce SEO writing focuses on optimising product descriptions, category pages, and blog posts to improve search engine rankings and drive sales. This involves using keywords that potential customers are likely to use and creating compelling calls to action that encourage purchasing.

Legal SEO Content Services

Legal SEO content services specialise in creating authoritative and compliant content for law firms and legal websites. This includes articles on legal procedures, blog posts on recent legal changes, and landing pages that convert. The content is optimised for search engines to ensure high visibility and to attract potential clients seeking legal advice.

SEO Writing Services Near Me

The term “SEO writing services near me” is often used by businesses looking for local SEO experts. Local SEO writing focuses on optimising content for local search queries, including the use of localised keywords and geo-specific information. This helps businesses attract customers in their immediate geographic area.

Local SEO Writing Services

Local SEO writing services specialise in creating content that is optimised for a specific geographic location. This involves using local keywords, referencing local landmarks, and even optimising for local search algorithms. The goal is to attract local customers and rank well in local search results.

On-page SEO Writing

On-page SEO writing focuses on optimising individual web pages to rank higher in search engines. This involves using targeted keywords in the title, meta descriptions, headers, and throughout the content. On-page SEO writing aims to provide a seamless user experience while signaling to search engines the relevancy of the content.

Off-page SEO Content Creation

Off-page SEO content creation involves strategies that go beyond the website itself, such as guest blogging, social media posts, and link building. The goal is to create high-quality content that other websites will want to link to, thereby improving your site’s authority and search engine rankings.

Keyword Research Services

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any SEO writing project. Keyword research services involve identifying the right keywords that your target audience is using to find products or services like yours. This data-driven approach ensures that the content you create is both relevant to users and optimised for search engines.

SEO Meta Description Writing

The meta description is a brief summary of a web page’s content that appears in search engine results. SEO meta description writing involves crafting a compelling and keyword-rich summary that not only attracts clicks but also aligns with search engine guidelines.

Landing Page SEO Writing

Landing page SEO writing focuses on creating a single, optimised page that serves a specific purpose, such as capturing leads or promoting a particular product. The content is crafted to persuade the visitor to take a specific action, all while being optimised for search engines to drive organic traffic.

Affordable SEO Writing Services

Affordable SEO writing services aim to provide high-quality, optimised content without breaking the bank. These services are ideal for small businesses or startups looking to improve their online presence without a large investment. Despite the lower cost, the focus remains on delivering content that ranks well and engages the audience.

High-quality SEO Blog Writing

High-quality SEO blog writing involves creating blog posts that offer in-depth information, actionable insights, and a high level of expertise. These posts are designed to attract backlinks, encourage social sharing, and drive organic traffic, all while adhering to the best SEO practices.

SEO Content Writing Packages

SEO content writing packages offer a bundled solution for businesses looking to outsource their content needs. These packages often include a variety of content types, such as articles, blog posts, and landing pages, all optimised for search engines. This provides a comprehensive approach to improving your online presence.

Best SEO Writing Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses often face unique challenges in the digital landscape, which is why specialised SEO writing services exist to meet their specific needs. These services focus on creating cost-effective, high-impact content that can quickly improve search rankings and drive targeted traffic to the small business website.

Organic SEO Writing

Organic SEO writing focuses on creating content that naturally attracts traffic without the use of paid advertising. This involves using organic search strategies, such as keyword optimization, quality link-building, and creating valuable content that users want to read and share.

White-hat SEO Content Services

White-hat SEO content services adhere to ethical and search engine-approved methods for optimising content. This involves using legitimate strategies like natural keyword usage, quality link-building, and providing genuine value to readers, ensuring long-term success in search engine rankings.

SEO Content Strategy Services

SEO content strategy involves planning, creating, and managing content in a way that aligns with your overall SEO goals. This includes keyword research, content calendaring, and performance tracking. SEO content strategy services help businesses create a cohesive and effective content plan that drives organic traffic and conversions.

SEO Press Release Writing

SEO press release writing involves crafting news releases that are not only newsworthy but also optimised for search engines. This includes using targeted keywords and distributing the press release through channels that have high SEO value, ensuring that your news reaches the widest possible audience.

SEO Product Description Writing

SEO product description writing focuses on creating compelling and keyword-rich descriptions for e-commerce products. The goal is to not only persuade customers to make a purchase but also to improve the product page’s search engine ranking, driving more organic traffic to the site.

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Expanding on SEO Writing Topics: Frameworks and Strategies

As an SEO writer, you have the opportunity to create content that serves various user intents. Understanding the different types of search intent can help you craft content that not only ranks well but also meets the needs of your target audience.

STDC Framework for SEO Writers

One effective way to approach this is by using the STDC Framework, which stands for See, Think, Do, Care. This framework can help you categorise keywords based on the user’s stage in the customer journey. Here’s how you can apply the STDC Framework to different types of search intent:

Informational Intent Keywords

See (Awareness): At this stage, users are looking for general information. You could write articles like “What is SEO Writing?” or “The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing.”

Think (Consideration): Users are now considering their options. Content could include comparison articles like “SEO Writing vs. Copywriting: What’s the Difference?” or “Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional SEO Writer.”

Do (Action): Users are ready to take action but need final guidance. Create how-to guides or checklists like “How to Choose the Right SEO Writing Service” or “Checklist for Hiring an SEO Writer.”

Care (Loyalty): These are your repeat clients or long-term followers. Write content that adds ongoing value, such as “Advanced SEO Writing Techniques” or “How to Continuously Improve Your SEO Strategy.”

Local Intent Keywords

See: Users are looking for local options but aren’t ready to commit. Write articles like “Best Local SEO Writing Services in [Your City]” or “Why Local SEO Matters for Small Businesses.”

Think: Users are comparing local services. Create content like “Top 5 SEO Writers in [Your City]” or “What to Look for in a Local SEO Writing Service.”

Do: Users are ready to hire a local service. Craft content like “How to Hire a Local SEO Writer in [Your City]” or offer special local promotions.

Care: Keep your local clients engaged with content like “How Local Businesses Can Maintain SEO Rankings” or “Seasonal SEO Tips for Local Businesses.”

Commercial Intent Keywords

See: Users are exploring their options on a broader scale. Write articles like “How to Choose an SEO Writing Service” or “What Makes a Good SEO Writer.”

Think: Users are considering various service providers. Create comparison articles like “Freelance SEO Writers vs. SEO Writing Agencies” or “Pricing Guide for SEO Writing Services.”

Do: Users are ready to make a purchase. Create persuasive landing pages or product descriptions like “Why Choose Our SEO Writing Services” or “Get Started with Our Premium SEO Writing Package.”

Care: Keep your clients coming back with value-added content like “Maximising ROI with Quality SEO Writing” or “Client Success Stories: How Our SEO Writing Transformed Businesses.”

By using the STDC Framework in conjunction with understanding search intent, you can create a comprehensive content strategy that not only helps you rank but also attracts and retains clients. Whether it’s informational, local, or commercial intent, each type of keyword offers a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and drive business growth.

Next steps for seo writers

Next Steps

  1. Keyword Research: If you haven’t already, invest time in comprehensive keyword research. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs to find keywords that are relevant to your services and have good search volume.
  2. Content Planning: Use the STDC Framework to plan out your content calendar. Prioritise topics based on search intent and the customer journey, ensuring you have a mix of informational, local, and commercial intent keywords.
  3. Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to have fewer, high-quality articles than to churn out content that doesn’t offer value. Focus on creating in-depth, well-researched pieces that answer your audience’s questions and solve their problems.
  4. On-Page Optimization: Don’t forget the technical aspects of SEO. Make sure to optimise your meta titles, meta descriptions, and use header tags effectively. Also, ensure your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast loading speed.
  5. Engage and Analyse: Use social media to promote your content and engage with your audience. Monitor the performance of your content using analytics tools and make data-driven adjustments to your strategy.
  6. Continuous Learning: SEO is an ever-changing field. Stay updated with the latest trends, algorithm changes, and best practices by following industry leaders, attending webinars, and reading SEO blogs.
  7. Client Feedback: If possible, gather feedback from your clients to understand what they value most in your services. Use this information to refine your offerings and content strategy.
  8. A/B Testing: Experiment with different types of content, headlines, and calls to action to see what resonates most with your audience. Use the insights gained from A/B testing to fine-tune your approach.

By taking these next steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an SEO writing expert, capable of creating content that both users will love and search engines will rank favourably. The road to SEO writing mastery is long but rewarding, and every piece of content you create brings you one step closer to achieving your business goals.

Concluding our guide for seo writers

Concluding Our SEO Writer’s Guide

Mastering the art of SEO writing is a continuous journey that involves understanding your audience, staying updated with search engine algorithms, and crafting content that serves multiple intents.

By focusing on the right keywords and aligning them with the various stages of the customer journey, you can create a powerful SEO strategy that not only boosts your rankings but also converts visitors into loyal clients.

Remember, the key to successful SEO writing lies in offering genuine value—write for the user first, and the search engines will follow.