How to Improve Your Local SEO and Rank Higher in Map Packs

Improve your local seo and rank higher in map packs

As an expert local SEO company, we know how vital high visibility in local search is for businesses that depend on foot traffic and local customers. According to recent surveys, over 90% of consumers used the Internet to find information about local businesses.

With the right local SEO strategies, you can attract more local searches to your website and place higher in the coveted map packs.

The Benefits of Ranking Higher in Local Packs

  • Businesses ranking #1 in local 3-packs see an average of 88% additional clicks in driving directions and 76% more clicks to websites, according to a recent Uberall study.
  • 76% of mobile users visit a business within 24 hours after searching for it on their smartphone, according to Google.
  • Highly ranked map pack listings can increase phone calls by 76%.

Ranking highly in the Local Packs on Google can provide tremendous benefits for local businesses looking to drive foot traffic and increase visibility.

According to a recent study by Uberall, businesses that rank #1 in the local 3-pack results see an average of 88% more clicks to driving directions and 76% more clicks to their websites compared to #2 and #3 rankings.

This is significant, as a high click-through rate from the Local Packs directly translates into more potential customers visiting your physical location.

76% of mobile users actually visit a business within 24 hours after searching for it on their smartphone, according to Google. So ranking highly increases the likelihood of translating local searches into actual customers walking through your door.

In addition to driving website traffic and clicks to driving directions, improved Local Pack rankings can significantly increase phone calls to your business.

The same Uberall study found that a #1 ranking results in 76% more phone calls compared to lower pack positions. As phone calls are often one of the strongest converters for local businesses, higher visibility in the Local Packs provides a major boost in lead generation from local searchers.

Claiming top placement in the Local Packs gives your business the best possible visibility and click-through rates for searches containing your relevant keywords and location terms.

The dramatic uplift in website clicks, driving directions, and phone calls makes local SEO extremely valuable for customer acquisition.

Optimise Your Google Business Listing

Optimise your google business listing

  • Ensure your business name, address and phone number are consistent across all directories and platforms. Fix any inaccuracies that could hurt local rankings.
  • Write an in-depth business description that includes important keywords and gives searchers a clear understanding of your offerings.
  • Add high-quality photos of your business, staff, and products/services to boost engagement on your listing.
  • Actively encourage customers to leave detailed reviews on your Google Business page to improve rankings and click-through rates. Aim for 50+ positive reviews.

Your Google Business profile is the backbone of your local SEO efforts, so optimising it should be a top priority.

Start by ensuring your business name, address, and phone number are consistent across your website, Google Business page, and other directories. Inconsistencies can negatively impact local rankings, so double-check accuracy everywhere your information appears.

Take time to write a detailed description of your business – at least 150 words. This gives Google more context about what you do to match with relevant searches.

Include keywords that are important for your customers and accurately portray your offerings.

Add high-quality photos of your business, staff, products/services, and customer interactions. Photos allow customers to get a feel for your business and also boost engagement on the Google Business page.

List all of your business’s popular services, products and brands. Thoroughly filling out categories gives Google more signals about your relevancy for searches within your niche.

Finally, actively encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google Business listing. Getting 50+ positive reviews can help improve your local pack rankings and click-through rate.

Google favours businesses with solid reputations and numerous recommendations. Send email requests, add review buttons to your site and leverage follow-up surveys to make gathering reviews easy.

Following these best practices will ensure your Google Business page is optimised for both searchers and Google’s algorithm, supporting your local SEO efforts.

Update Site On-Page SEO Elements

Herefordshire seo service from aio spark

Integrate your target keywords, especially location-based terms like “Hampshire dentist”, in key on-page elements like:

This helps Google understand your local relevance for searches. Our expert copywriters can optimise your site content for the right local keywords.

Optimising your on-page SEO for local search should include working important location-based keywords into key elements of your website. For example, integrate phrases like “Portland dentist” or “dental implants Austin” into:

  • Page titles and meta descriptions – Include your most important city/region + service keywords in titles and meta descriptions of key pages. This helps searchers see you are located in that area and relevant for those searches.
  • Headers and image ALT tags – Work city names into H1 and H2 headers where relevant. Also ensure image ALT attributes reflect keywords for that page’s content.
  • Schema markup – Use LocalBusiness schema markup so Google clearly understands your business name, address and local services offered.
  • Content – Naturally work location keywords and phrases into the actual text content, focusing on pages targeting specific service areas. Our expert copywriters can optimise sites for local search intent with relevant keywords.

Having your core location-based keywords prominently placed throughout page elements signals Google that your site content is highly relevant for those local searches. This improves rankings for geographic searches targeting your specific city, county or region. Structured data and optimised content also help searchers recognise you as a provider servicing their area.

8 Tips to Rank Higher in Local Map Pack Results

8 top tips for ranking higher in local map pack results

1: Build Local Links

Citations on high-authority directories like Yelp and industry-specific sites relevant to your business help establish your business as authoritative in the locality. Our custom website designs can include optimised local directories for your niche. Links from other local businesses are also powerful since they provide Google with context.

2: Encourage Customer Reviews

Positive online reviews on your Google Business listing and other review sites like Yelp and Facebook are essential social proof signals. Routinely ask happy customers to leave honest reviews of their experience. This boosts credibility with search engines and customers alike.

3: Implement Local Schema Markup

Add schema markup to your site code like LocalBusiness, Address, OpeningHours, etc… This structured data clarifies to Google that you are a local business and can enhance your map presence. Our technical SEO experts can implement optimal schema.

4: Optimise for Voice Search Queries

With the rise in voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, voice search optimisation is growing. Use natural language and conversational keywords to rank for local voice queries throughout your content.

5: Improve Website Speed and Mobile Experience

Local searches heavily skew mobile. Enable caching, compress images, and use AMP pages to optimise website performance. This improves the user experience for mobile visitors.

6: Target Key Local Ranking Factors

Optimise your local SEO strategy for proximity, relevance, and prominence. This helps map packs determine which businesses appear for local searches.

7: Leverage Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Local consumers heavily factor reviews into their buying decisions. Studies show that 95% of people read online reviews for local businesses. Earning more positive customer reviews builds trust and credibility.

8: Implement Advanced Schema Markup

Further, optimise help and support content with schemas like FAQPage and HowTo. This enhances search visibility for informational queries.

Local SEO Service Packages

Contact our team today to develop a custom local SEO strategy scaled for your business! We offer complete solutions from Google Business optimisation to website design and technical SEO.

By focusing on these proven areas of on-page optimisation, reviews, citations, schema, and voice search, we can improve your local SEO and help your website climb higher in the map pack rankings.

Done right, local SEO attracts more foot traffic and drives revenue for brick-and-mortar businesses. Let our team’s expertise give you a local edge!