New Brand Cool. Fresh Kit Brand Design by AIO Spark.

Fresh kit logo

The Fresh Kit brand icon is a masterclass in symbolic minimalism, capturing the essence of the brand’s commitment to freshness and quality in the home and garden lifestyle. We approached the creation of this icon to distil the brand’s values into a simple yet profound visual statement.

Introduction to the Fresh Kit Brand Design

The inception of this icon began with the idea of duality – the harmonious balance between home and garden, inside and outside, freshness and growth. The green and purple blocks represent these complementary concepts. Green stands for vitality and the lushness of nature, which is at the heart of any garden. At the same time, purple represents creativity and quality, reflecting the sophistication that Fresh Kit brings to the home.

The creative process was iterative and thoughtful, involving a deep dive into the brand’s vision, target audience, and market positioning. We knew the icon needed versatility, scaling from small digital spaces like favicons to more extensive marketing materials while maintaining its integrity and impact.

In crafting this icon, we stripped away the superfluous, focusing on colour and form. The choice of a vertical split conveys a modern edge. It is intentional in its nod to digital interfaces, often representing a list or menu—elements fundamental to the user experience in e-commerce and digital browsing.

In the context of Fresh Kit, this icon is not just a visual identifier; it’s a promise and a reminder of the brand’s ethos. It’s designed to resonate with consumers who value quality, simplicity, and a connection to the natural world, even amid their busy, technology-driven lives.

Our signature as designers is evident in the icon’s balance and the purpose behind each choice. This icon is set to become a timeless piece of Fresh Kit’s visual identity, embodying the brand’s core values and speaking without words to the discerning consumer.

Aio spark's logo design for fresh kit, the uk home and lifestyle blog.
Aio spark's alternative colour logo design for fresh kit, the uk home and lifestyle blog.

The Fresh Kit brand we’ve designed is both sleek and modern, perfectly encapsulating the essence of their home, garden, and lifestyle brand. A clean, sans-serif typeface ensures legibility across various devices and sizes, from app icons to larger displays.

For the app icon or favicon, we’ve opted for a solid background that brings forth the vibrancy of the brand colours. The choice of green symbolises growth and renewal, which aligns with home and garden themes, while the purple adds a touch of sophistication, hinting at the quality of lifestyle products Fresh Kit offers.

The horizontal corporate logo set against a crisp white background embodies simplicity and impact. The complementary dark background version offers versatility in use. This minimalistic approach makes the brand’s name stand out and instantly recognisable.

The spacing between the letters in “FRESH KIT” is carefully calibrated to enhance readability and create a visual harmony pleasing to the eye.

In a digital world where first impressions are crucial, this logo sets the tone for a brand that is accessible, trustworthy, and on the cutting edge of home and lifestyle trends. It’s not just a logo; it’s a statement of the brand’s commitment to freshness, quality, and modern living.

Project Overview

Client: Fresh Kit
Industry: Home, Garden, and Lifestyle
Project Duration: January – March 2023
Deliverables: Brand and Visual Assets for Digital and Print Media


Fresh Kit approached us with a clear vision: to create a brand that encapsulates their freshness, vitality, and contemporary living ethos. The challenge was to design a versatile symbol for various applications that was distinctive enough to stand out in a competitive market. The icon needed to be recognisable at a glance, functional as an icon for digital presence, and scalable for print materials.


The objectives outlined for the project were to:

  • Establish a strong visual identity that resonates with the target audience.
  • Enhance brand recall with a simple yet impactful design.
  • Create a versatile icon that maintains its integrity across multiple platforms and sizes.


Our strategy revolved around three key pillars:

  1. Simplicity: Craft a minimalist icon that strips away complexity in favour of clean lines and bold colours that convey the brand’s core values.
  2. Memorability: To ensure the design is easily remembered and instantly associated with the Fresh Kit brand.
  3. Versatility: To create an icon that is as effective on the small scale of a mobile app as it is on the large canvas of a billboard.


The primary challenge was to balance simplicity with recognisability. Fresh Kit’s brand icon had to be straightforward enough to be understood quickly and contain enough unique elements to be distinguishable from competitors.

Another challenge was the technical requirement for the icon to be legible and clear at petite sizes, such as when displayed as a browser tab icon (favicon).


The solution was a bold, dual-coloured icon that uses green and purple to represent the harmony between home and garden—the core of Fresh Kit’s brand. The vertical split was chosen for its modernity and implication of growth, which reflects both personal change in lifestyle and natural development in gardening.

Market Research

Research Duration: October – December 2022
Methodology: Consumer Surveys, Competitor Analysis, Trend Forecasting

Consumer Insights

Our research began with gathering insights into the lives and preferences of Fresh Kit’s target demographic. We learned through surveys and focus groups that our audience favours designs that marry form with function. They are tech-savvy consumers who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic and seek a sense of connection to the natural world in their home and garden spaces.

Competitor Analysis

A thorough analysis of competitors revealed a trend towards organic shapes and earthy colour palettes. While these elements resonated with consumers, there was a gap in the market for a brand icon that communicated modernity and sophistication—qualities that Fresh Kit embodies.

Trend Forecasting

We consulted with industry trend forecasters to predict upcoming home and garden design shifts. The data pointed towards a rise in digital integration within the lifestyle sector, indicating a need for a brand icon that would thrive in an increasingly online marketplace.

Design Influences

Our research led us to look beyond the immediate industry, drawing inspiration from contemporary art and architecture. We looked at movements that emphasised bold colour blocking and geometric forms, which informed the development of the brand icon.

Research Conclusion

The market research confirmed the need for a simple, memorable icon that could stand out in a crowded digital landscape. The consumer’s desire for a brand representing innovation and connection to nature was a guiding star for the design process.

Concept Development

Ideation Phase: December 2022
Conceptualisation Tools: Sketching, Mind Mapping, Digital Prototyping

Fresh kit brand concept development

Mind Mapping

To ensure every facet of Fresh Kit’s ethos was considered, we created mind maps that linked their values to potential visual representations. This exercise led to exploring natural and geometric shapes, eventually guiding us toward the final dual-coloured concept.

Digital Prototyping

Early sketches transitioned into digital prototypes, allowing us to test various colour combinations and forms in a dynamic digital environment. This phase was crucial in determining the scalability and adaptability of the designs.

Concept Refinement

Through an iterative process, we refined our concepts, focusing on the simplicity and functionality of each design. The team consistently returned to the brand’s core values as our measure of success, ensuring the icon would represent Fresh Kit.

Selection and Finalisation

The final concept—a vertical split using green and purple—emerged as the frontrunner. This design was chosen for its visual impact and ability to communicate the brand’s narrative of balance between modern living and natural well-being.

Concept Development Conclusion

The concept development phase was marked by creativity and strategic thinking. Our team’s dedication to capturing the essence of Fresh Kit in a singular graphic form resulted in an icon that is visually striking and rich with meaning.

Design Rationale

Finalisation Phase: January 2023
Key Considerations: Brand Messaging, Colour Psychology, Symbolism

Brand Messaging Alignment

In the final design, every element was chosen for its ability to convey Fresh Kit’s message. The brand’s commitment to providing fresh, high-quality home and garden solutions is symbolised through vibrant, lively colours and a bold, straightforward design.

Colour Psychology

We selected green for its universal association with growth, nature, and sustainability—central themes for any garden-centric brand. Purple was chosen for its connotations of luxury, creativity, and sophistication, reflecting the lifestyle aspect of Fresh Kit. The specific shades were meticulously chosen to stand out in the digital landscape and to be accessible to those with visual impairments.

Geometry and Symbolism

The vertical split represents a literal and figurative window between the consumer and the fresh possibilities that Fresh Kit offers. It is a doorway to the balance between the natural and the modern, the personal and the universal.

Scalability and Adaptability

The icon was designed to be scalable, from the smallest favicon to the most giant billboard, without losing its essence or impact. Its adaptability extends to various mediums and contexts, whether online or in print, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.

Inclusion of Negative Space

The negative space was deliberate, providing a visual pause that enhanced the icon’s readability and recognition. It allows the brand to stand out in a cluttered marketplace and creates an enduring visual hook in the consumer’s mind.

Design Rationale Conclusion

The Fresh Kit brand icon is a testament to the brand’s vision, distilled into a single, powerful graphic. It embodies the brand’s dual focus on the natural and the cultivated, the practical and the aspirational. The rationale behind its design is rooted in a deep understanding of colour theory, brand strategy, and consumer psychology, ensuring the icon captures attention and encapsulates the essence of Fresh Kit.

User Experience Considerations

Testing Phase: February 2023
User Interaction Studies: Digital Mockups, A/B Testing, Focus Groups

Digital Presence

Understanding the increasing significance of digital presence, we tested the icon extensively across various digital platforms. This included app icons, website favicons, and social media profiles, ensuring the design was visually appealing, functional, and easily navigable.

A/B Testing

We used A/B testing with different user groups to gather data on the icon’s performance. This empirical approach provided insights into user preferences and interaction patterns, informing slight adjustments to the icon’s size and colour contrast for optimal digital display.


Accessibility was a priority. We ensured that the icon’s colours passed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for contrast and were distinguishable to individuals with colour vision deficiencies. The clear delineation between the two colour blocks aids in recognition for users with visual impairments.

Versatility Across Media

The icon was tested in print and digital, in colour and monochrome, and at various scales to ensure its design maintained integrity and impact. This versatility is critical to a cohesive brand experience, no matter the user’s point of entry or interaction with the brand.

User Experience Conclusion

The user experience considerations were instrumental in validating the design’s effectiveness. Our iterative process, guided by user feedback, ensured the icon met aesthetic and brand goals and functioned seamlessly within the user’s daily interactions with Fresh Kit.

Brand Strategy Alignment

Integration Phase: March 2023
Strategic Goals: Brand Recognition, Market Positioning, Brand Experience

Cohesive Brand Identity

The icon is a cornerstone of Fresh Kit’s visual identity, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing brand elements such as typography, colour scheme, and imagery. This coherence ensures that the icon reinforces the brand identity at every touchpoint, from product packaging to marketing campaigns.

Market Positioning

In a competitive marketplace, distinct visual assets are crucial to standing out. The Fresh Kit icon plays a pivotal role in the brand’s market positioning strategy, offering an instantly recognisable symbol that conveys the brand’s unique selling propositions: modernity, quality, and a connection to the natural world.

Multi-Platform Consistency

The icon was crafted to maintain its visual impact across various platforms and devices. This consistency is vital for building a reliable brand presence that consumers can trust, whether browsing on a smartphone, shopping on a tablet, or engaging with printed materials.

Enhancing Brand Experience

We have woven the icon into the fabric of the brand experience. It appears where users interact with the brand, such as in the Fresh Kit app’s user interface and the watermark on instructional videos. This omnipresence reinforces brand recognition and loyalty.

Future-Proofing the Brand

Anticipating future trends and changes in the industry, the icon’s design is versatile enough to evolve with the brand. It can adapt to new product lines, special editions, and international markets while maintaining Fresh Kit’s core identity.

Brand Strategy Conclusion

The Fresh Kit icon is a design element and a strategic tool that enhances the brand’s value and appeal. It is a visual ambassador that communicates Fresh Kit’s vision and aligns with the company’s strategic goals of growth, recognition, and consumer connection.

Impact Assessment

Evaluation Period: April – June 2023
Metrics Analysed: Brand Recognition, User Engagement, Conversion Rates

Brand Recognition Studies

Post-launch, we conducted studies to assess the icon’s impact on brand recognition. Early indicators showed a significant increase in brand recall during consumer surveys. The icon’s distinctiveness made it easier for customers to identify Fresh Kit products and services in a crowded market.

User Engagement Metrics

The deployment of the icon across digital platforms resulted in measurable changes in user engagement. Metrics such as click-through rates on digital ads and social media interactions showed an uptick, suggesting that the icon captured user interest and enhanced brand engagement.

Conversion Rate Analysis

Perhaps most critically, we observed an improvement in conversion rates following the icon’s introduction. This was particularly evident on the Fresh Kit website and mobile app, where the icon’s prominence correlated with an increased rate of transactions.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback was solicited and gathered through social media, surveys, and focus groups. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with many customers expressing that the icon made the brand more relatable and trustworthy.

Internal Feedback and Performance

Internally, the Fresh Kit sales and marketing teams reported that the new icon facilitated a more coherent and effective communication strategy. This harmonisation across branding efforts contributed to a cohesive narrative that bolstered performance.

Impact Assessment Conclusion

The data gathered during the impact assessment phase demonstrates the value added by the new brand icon. It has strengthened Fresh Kit’s visual identity and translated into tangible business outcomes, including enhanced brand recognition, user engagement, and sales.

Future Applications

Forecasting Phase: July 2023
Innovation Workshops: Animated Variations, Seasonal Adaptations, Cross-Market Extensions

Animated Variations

As digital platforms increasingly support dynamic content, we see opportunities to animate the Fresh Kit icon. This could include subtle movements that bring the icon to life when a user interacts with it on the app or website, enhancing the user experience and reinforcing brand engagement.

Seasonal Adaptations

The flexibility of the icon’s design allows for seasonal adaptations without losing the brand’s core identity. For instance, integrating seasonal motifs or colours can keep the brand relevant and engaging throughout the year. This could be particularly effective in marketing campaigns and special product releases.

Cross-Market Extensions

The icon’s simplicity and adaptability make it an excellent candidate for cross-market branding. As Fresh Kit expands into international markets, the icon can be tailored to meet cultural nuances while maintaining the global brand identity.

Extended Product Lines

The icon can serve as a foundational element for new product lines, ensuring that the brand remains cohesive even as Fresh Kit grows and diversifies. This could involve creating product-specific icon variations that reflect the primary brand identity.

Licensing Opportunities

The icon’s strength and recognisability open possibilities for licensing partnerships, extending Fresh Kit’s reach into new markets and mediums, such as merchandise or collaborative projects with other lifestyle brands.

Future Applications Conclusion

The design of the Fresh Kit icon is not just about meeting today’s needs but also anticipating and facilitating tomorrow’s growth. The icon’s design principles allow for creative and strategic future applications, ensuring the brand remains innovative and adaptable in an ever-changing market.

Reflections and Lessons Learned

Project Debriefing: August 2023
Team Reflection Sessions: Collaborative Reviews, Feedback Analysis

Fresh kit brand - light elements on dark background

Creative Process Insights

Reflecting on the project, one of the key insights was the importance of aligning design with strategic brand objectives. The creative process was about aesthetics and crafting a visual language that communicates the brand’s ethos and resonates with the target audience.

Collaboration and Communication

The project highlighted the value of collaboration, both within our design team and with Fresh Kit stakeholders. Open communication channels and regular feedback loops were crucial in refining the icon and ensuring it met our creative standards and the client’s expectations.

Market Research Importance

The in-depth market research conducted at the project’s outset was instrumental in guiding our design decisions. It reinforced that effective design is rooted in deeply understanding the client’s industry and the end user’s needs and preferences.

Flexibility and Adaptation

We learned the importance of being adaptable in our design approach. Responding to user feedback and being willing to make adjustments, even late in the process, was crucial for achieving a final product that met the project’s objectives.

Future Thinking

The project taught us to consistently design with the future in mind. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and creating a design that can adapt and grow with technological and market changes is essential for long-term brand success.

Overall Project Success

Overall, the Fresh Kit brand icon project was a resounding success. It demonstrated our ability to merge creativity with strategic thinking, resulting in a design that enhances the brand’s visual identity and contributes to its business goals.

Project Conclusion

As we conclude this case study, we reflect on the journey with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The Fresh Kit brand icon is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and its impact on brand storytelling. It’s a project that not only met its immediate goals but also set a new standard for how we approach brand identity projects in the future.