Driving Brand Recognition: Vehicle Livery Enhancement for a Builders Merchants

Vehicle livery 5

AIO Spark’s journey, starting in 2003, has been marked by various milestones that have contributed to our growth and expertise in content creation and problem-solving. In this case study, we explore another pivotal moment between 2013 and 2017, when we enhanced vehicle livery for builders merchants to create a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign.

The Vehicle Livery Challenge

The builders merchants operated multiple companies and brands with different vehicles, mixing vans and trucks featuring clashing colours and logo versions. There was a clear need for a cohesive strategy to create a unified brand identity across the company’s vehicles.

Selected Vehicle Livery Examples

Our Solution: Standardized Colour Schemes and Custom Graphics

We decided to standardize the colour schemes for each business based on the logo design project we previously completed. We created:

  • Orange cab and dark blue trailer for the merchant trucks
  • Orange cab and silver trailers for the smaller wagons
  • Custom-branded plumbing and heating vans with whole vehicle wraps and standout graphics
  • Green garden machinery vehicles
  • Blue and zesty yellow kitchen and bathroom vans

One unique project involved designing a custom cab wrap for a driver who was a Liverpool fan. We created a wrap featuring the Liver Bird, which made a showstopping entrance whenever the driver arrived on-site. The truck even appeared in a local truck show due to the impact it made.

Vehicle livery 1

Impact on Brand Recognition and Marketing

We significantly enhanced brand recognition and created a memorable marketing campaign by implementing strong and vibrant branding on the company vehicles. The vehicles became local icons, contributing to a more noticeable presence for the company and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.


This case study highlights another milestone in AIO Spark’s dedication to excellence and the importance of leveraging past experiences to shape our future. As we continue to develop innovative AI-powered content creation and problem-solving solutions, we draw on our expertise and the lessons learned from projects such as this vehicle livery enhancement.