Crafting an Engaging Landscaping Brochure: A Key Moment in AIO Spark’s Journey

Builders Merchants Landscaping Brochure

AIO Spark has grown from humble beginnings in 2003 to a market leader in AI-powered content creation and problem-solving for small- to medium-sized businesses. Along this journey, various milestones have shaped our expertise and vision for the future.

In this case study, we explore one such pivotal moment from 2013 to 2017: we crafted a visually appealing and informative landscaping brochure for a leading UK builders merchants. Download | PDF.

Creation of the Landscaping Brochure

Working with a builders merchant targeting the B2C market, we designed a 42-page custom landscaping brochure featuring various landscaping products, such as paving, aggregates, gates, fencing, and sleepers.

These products were sourced from leading UK manufacturers. We further enhanced the brochure with our bespoke paving ranges, each given unique names, logos, and colour schemes to cater to different price points in the market.

We created four distinct brands: “Decadence” (High-end), “Excellence” (Upper mid-range), “Virtue” (Lower mid-range aspirational branding), and “Start” (entry-level ranges).

Each brand had its colour scheme and typography tailored to its target audience, ensuring that colour combinations and styled typefaces evoked a particular lifestyle and level of expense.

Custom Branded Ranges

5 - Decadence
5 - Decadence

Decadence Brand

Sheer Delight

Prestigious, timeless products for those who crave the ultimate in style & sophistication.

High-end branding aimed at wealthy buyers seeking exquisite products.

9 - Excellence
9 - Excellence

Excellence Brand

Transcend Desire

Products of unique distinction for those with a taste for
high-class design.

Upper-mid-range branding aimed at professional buyers with an eye for detail.

13 - Virtue
13 - Virtue

Virtue Brand

Immaculate Ambition

Products that ooze character & reflect your passion for
the pursuit of greatness.

Aspirational branding aimed at mid-weight professionals trading up.

21 - Start range
21 - Start range

Start Brand

First-step Solutions

Stylish, high-quality, entry-level products for the aspiring newcomer.

Friendly branding aimed at first-time buyers looking for quality.

The brochure also included custom pages for decking, gates & fencing, garden features, artificial grass (despite ecological concerns), aggregates, and miscellaneous materials. It featured sections for branch locations, contact details, and a notes section where customers could record important project details before consulting with the sales team.

Design and Layout Considerations

To create a user-friendly experience, we divided the brochure into sections using contrasting colours, making it easy to read and memorize pages. The square-format print brochure was approximately A5-sized and showcased our ability to handle copywriting, graphic design, range structure, pre-printing, printing, and distribution to 10 branches of the finished product.

Impact on Business and Lessons Learned

Creating the landscaping brochure was crucial in our journey, highlighting our proficiency in delivering high-quality marketing materials in the pre-AI era. This experience provided invaluable insights and lessons that would later contribute to the development of AIO Spark.


This case study is a testament to AIO Spark’s dedication to excellence and the importance of past experiences in shaping our future. As we continue to create innovative AI-powered content and problem-solving solutions, we draw inspiration from our roots and the expertise gained over the years.

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