Building a Cohesive Brand Identity: A Milestone in AIO Spark’s Evolution

Building a cohesive brand identity

Throughout AIO Spark’s journey, which began in 2003, various milestones have contributed to our expertise and ability to create innovative AI-powered content and problem-solving solutions.

In this case study, we focus on a crucial moment from 2013 when we tackled the challenge of enhancing brand recognition for builders merchants with diverse business offerings.

The Branding Challenge

The company faced a significant issue in communicating its various services to customers. With one logo representing several distinct businesses, it took time for customers to understand the specific nature of each branch.

The inconsistent branding also made marketing efforts challenging and less effective.

Our Solution: Tailored Logo Designs and Colour Schemes

To address this issue, we devised an overall logo style that could be adapted with different colours and taglines to represent the unique nature of each business while reinforcing the umbrella brand.

Drawing on our deep understanding of branding and marketing, we crafted a series of logos and colour schemes that allowed customers to identify each store’s purpose by looking at the logo.

This accomplishment was more challenging than it may appear, but the resulting logos and branding strategy seemed intuitive and obvious.

Impact on Business and Brand Recognition

Our innovative logo designs and branding strategy transformed the company’s image, enhancing brand recognition and affinity across their ten companies located throughout the Midlands.

Our tailored logos and cohesive branding strategy contributed to the company’s success with various stores ranging from Building Supplies to Heating and Plumbing, Garden Machinery, Kitchens and Bathrooms, and even Car Detailing.


This case study highlights AIO Spark’s commitment to excellence in the pre-AI era and the importance of past experiences in shaping our future.

As we continue to develop AI-powered content creation and problem-solving solutions, we draw on our expertise and the lessons learned from milestones such as building a cohesive brand identity for diverse businesses.